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Vegan Lifestyle Benefits

Whether you’re a vegan, or considering starting a vegan lifestyle they’re are a ton of reasons why this journey is one you should embark on, and may I add remain on. If you have any vegan connections you may have heard them say that the only regret they have is not becoming a vegan sooner. To describe my journey in one word it would be “freeing”. Envision living a life with a veil over your eyes for years on end, yet you don’t know any better because no ones told you that you can live without that veil. On the contrary they told you that you needed to keep it on in order to survive, and live a healthy life. And then one day it slips off, and you realize that there’s so much more that life has to offer you…outside of animal products ūüėČ

Here’s a list of 10 benefits:

  1. Clearer¬†Skin: This ones a given. If you switch over to a vegan diet you’re more likely to consume more fruits, nuts, veggies, which will ultimately improve your skin! You’re also no longer consuming hormones and antibiotics, which is a major plus!
  2. Improved digestive health: More veggies and fruits equals a higher fiber intake, which will help regulate your digestive system, so that you start going regular.  
  3. Live a longer Life: Research claims vegans can live up to 8 years longer than non vegans! Cheers to long health lives!
  4. Saving the Earth:¬†Climate change is a real thing, and poses multiple risks through increased risk of extreme weather catastrophes as we seen recently such as floods, droughts and heatwaves. If you consume animal products you are single handily paying an industry to continue damaging the environment.Eliminating animal consumption is essential if we are to meet global greenhouse gas¬†emissions reduction targets¬†‚Äď which are necessary to slow, and hopefully stop the worst effects of¬†climate change.¬†Livestock covers 45 percent of the land¬†on this planet. That’s almost half of the world covered with animals produced for our consumption.¬†One hamburger¬†requires 660 gallons of water¬†to produce. That equals out to¬†Two months worth of showers. Kind of a big deal if you ask me!Animal factories¬†have also generated more than¬†500 low-oxygen areas¬†in our oceans. These are also know¬†as “dead zones,” these are areas of large bodies of waters, such as oceans and even lakes and rivers, that lack enough oxygen for marine life to thrive.¬†
  5. Eat more without worrying about weight gain, or restricting calories (as long as its not junk food.)
  6. More energy:¬†Who doesn’t want more energy with the pace we function at on the daily. Not eating heavy meat and dairy based meals will leave you feeling lighter, and definitely more energetic.
  7. Help end world hunger: Feeding grain to livestock increases global demand and drives up grain prices, which in turn makes it difficult for the world’s poor to feed themselves. The grain used to feed factory animals could instead be used to feed people, and the water used to irrigate crops. If all of the grain were used to feed humans instead of animals, we could feed an extra 3.5 billion people.
  8. Lower risk of diseases such as cancer, cholesterol, diabetes, etc. There’s an¬†estimated 23,000 deaths every year in the US alone from resistant bacteria, which is due to animal product consumption. As this estimate continues to rise, it becomes hard to overstate the threat of this emerging crisis.
  9. More connected to all animals: You start seeing animals as more than just commodities or objects here to serve us. You began to realize that they have a life of their own, and that they too want to live full and healthy lives.  Animals are sentient creatures whose needs and interests should matter to us.
  10. Allergies  Reduction in dairy, meat, and eggs is often tied to alleviation of allergy symptoms. Many vegans report much fewer runny noses and congestion problems.

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