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Top Most Common Vegan Struggles


“For my entire life I’m kept in a metal gestation crate in half darkness on a grated concrete floor. I can’t even turn around. Confined and unable to engage in any of my natural behaviors. I suffer depression, frustration, and neurotic behaviors sometimes screaming, and biting at the bars that surround me. My limbs are swollen. I have open wounds, and I’m lying in my own excrement. After giving after being forcefully impregnated my babies are taken away from me, and I’m slaughtered at only the age 3 to 5 years old. We pigs and other factory animal on the farms are supposed to be stunned into unconsciousness before being killed and, but many of us are still alive as were hoisted upside down and our throat slit as we are lowered into boiling water to remove our hair. But did you know I have a sense of self just like you? I am more intelligent than a dog or a cat, and even a three-year-old child. I am highly social, intuitive, and emotional just like you. I have memories, and can recognize myself in the mirror just like you, and I love to play even computer games just like you. I care for my young with a bond just like a human mother even singing to my babies while nursing. I am not something I am someone. I am not pork, I am not bacon, I am a living feeling being just like you.”

-Dr. Joanne Kong

No matter the level of struggle I dealt with as a new vegan this vivid narration of a swines life told by Dr. Joanne Kong made me go vegan cold-turkey, and never look back. I’ll be honest as a lover of sour cream and cheese when inside a fully stuffed burrito I had days were the temptation was at it’s peak, yet with all the information and knowledge I had about the meat and dairy industry there was no way in the world that II was allowing myself to return to eating those items. The transitioning phase to a completely vegan diet is not necessarily the easiest, yet it’s a change and journey worth embarking on not only because of the endless health benefits for our body, but also because we care about the welfare of animals and planet Earth! I’ve asked one of my vegan communities to share what some of their personal struggles were as new vegans, and I’ll be sharing that with you today! I hope you’ll enjoy reading these honest shared experiences people have faced on their journey, and do share your own in the comments below!

Top 3 Struggles:

  1. Letting Go of Cheese
  2. Shopping for Vegan food, and having to check all the labels
  3. Explaining and presenting veganism to non vegans


Real and Honest shared Experiences:

  1. Devin: Giving up cheese and hot chips. Damn it I was in love with chester’s hot fries tbh; so addicting I could eat like 2 whole bags in one go. Reeeeallly glad they aren’t vegan though because my poor arteries.
  2. Jeremy: Like most people I probably missed cheese most, but it was never a struggle. I went vegan instantly after learning the truth and never looked back. It was most likely just due to withdrawals due to the physical addictiveness of cheese due to the Casomorphins (the slew of opioids) it contains?
  3. Pamela: It wasn’t a struggle but I wasn’t eating enough at first so I was hungry for a few weeks. I was eating far less calorie dense food, because I was trying to eat healthy so I ate tons of veggies and got hungry. Once I added more nice filling beans I was fine!
  4. Bella: Dealing with the fact that innocent animals are tortured unnecessarily for a few minutes of pleasure every single day
  5. Taylor: Knowing what to say when people would try to tell me all the reasons I shouldn’t be vegan
  6. Ralph: Cooking process was slower as I was learning new recipes. But it was also fun challenging and an adventure. So not really a problem.
  7. Wayne: Being positive while non vegans laugh of the thought of putting animals or life in general first, instead of my taste buds
  8. Moriah: Telling people about the change. I did a lot of, “No thanks, I’m not hungry,” in the beginning even if I was starving (in the first world sense). I hate in-person confrontation and tried to avoid it as much as possible until I had all my arguments and defenses prepared ahead of time to keep from looking stupid.
  9. James: My lack of preparation, knowledge and also everything else everyone already said. But… doing the switch cold did mean i learnt a lot really quickly.
  10. Jacopo: Feeling stupid for have being a vegetarian for ten years
  11. Anna: My better half 😂😂 but I succeeded! We are a Vegan family now! Love him more than ever!
  12. Kat: Remembering to read every ingredient on everything and look for the cruelty free bunny on packaging! I messed up a few times and threw stuff away! I was so mad no way would I eat it!
  13. Jenny: Coming to terms with what I had been doing for the last 25 years
  14. Saskia: Going to the grocery store…. the pain and suffering… you see it all around you. The stench of death was overwhelming. Many times I left the shopping cart in the middle of the store, ran out of there in tears.
  15. Xine: Friends that complained and told me not to do it because I could not eat their cooking anymore.. made me realize that they really were not concerned about my life and not the type of friends I want
  16. Adam: Telling people why I took a step further from vegetarian. Getting disappointed every time I checked if this or that had animal products.
  17. Amy: McDonald’s fries. I was on the road going from Georgia to D.C. For the women’s march at night and McDonald’s was the only thing open. I just filled up on soda and English muffins and pouted the rest of the way to D.C. 😂 I got to eat some really tasty vegan fast food after the march though and it was really rewarding. Cheese was the next toughest thing though.
  18. Angela: helping my children understand speciesism and fight their cravings for cheese is the hardest thing ever

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