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Hey, Crew

If you’re a vegan you’ve been asked one of these questions a time or two without a doubt. Unless of course you’ve somehow managed to keep the fact that you don’t consume animal products on the down-low. Perhaps you found it irritating, or frustrating because you’ve answered that same question so many times before; or it could be that the level of ignorance behind it makes you realize how little awareness there is on the topic of the negative impact that meat and dairy consumption has on us, and the planet.

I recently attended a seminar where Dr. Will Tuttle talked about our reason for being vegan, which is typically and most rooted in compassion. He stated that being an angry vegan who lashes out at anyone who approaches you in a way that unnerves you goes against what we stand for, which made me think that I needed to put more thought into my replies and attitude towards peoples questions. This isn’t always easy, especially when people are attempting to put you down for your choice to not consume meat and dairy, yet remaining calm is essential to getting the vegan message across in a way that would be more readily accepted. Take advantage of the fact that they’re asking you questions. Interpret it as interest, and an opportunity for you to share your reason for deciding to become a vegan.

After realizing that the questions I was confronting were common questions other people were also facing I decided to ask around, and combine various questions that we’re asked to share with you. I’ve provided possible answers to the questions that you might want to consider using if you’re ever confronted with them as well. Replying with a calm tone, and informative answer can make all the difference in properly raising awareness, and avoiding heated debates.

I’ve covered just 10 basic questions, and I’m sure that they’re are tons more that you have personally come across on your vegan journey. Feel free to share them in the comments below!

(Click on image to watch 10 Vegan Questions video)

  1. Are you still doing that vegan thing?

-Yes, I am. As a matter of fact it’s not a temporary diet change, it’s a life commitment that I’ve decided to make to help improve the environment, animal conditions, and also my health.


  1. Doesn’t it require extra planning?

-It requires that same amount of planning as any other health diet. We invest time in the things we care about, and since I care about my health I willing to put in any amount of planning required to sustain a healthy and vital body.


  1. But plants are living things too, why would you eat them?

-You’re right plants are living things, which is why they’re better for our bodies. Yet, unlike animals they do not have a nervous system, and this means that they can’t feel pain like an animal.


  1. Isn’t cow milk the only source for calcium?    

– They’re are plenty of other sources for calcium. Just a few vegetables that provide protein are kale, broccoli, spinach, and kelp.

  1. Won’t cows/pigs/sheep/chickens/turkeys overpopulate if we don’t eat them?    

  –Any meat we purchase from a grocery market is produced, grown, and reproduced in a factory farm with very poor conditions. If the demand for meat went down they would not reproduce animals at the rate they do, which would restore the balance of the domestic animal population. In other words we don’t need to consume meat to keep the earth balanced.


  1. Aren’t you deficient in protein, iron, minerals, and vitamins?

–  No, I’m able to sustain all my nutritional needs even while being a vegan, but in a much healthier way. (you can also inform them about lentils, beans, hemp seed, chia seeds, etc, which provide a good source of protein, and iron, vitamins).


  1. So you eat fish right?

Fish fall in the category of meat, and depending on where you purchase it they’re also factory farmed in horrible conditions, so to answer your question no I do not eat fish.

  1. What do you even eat?

-I eat most anything as long as it’s not meat, seafood, or dairy. Meat, seafood, and dairy do not make up the entire food pyramid, as a matter of fact they make up far less than veggie, lentil, fruit, pasta, etc. do.


  1. Aren’t you annoyed at the lack of food options? 

NO, because there isn’t a lack of food options. I have plenty of variety to pick from, and the options are increasing as vegan awareness is on the rise. We have been experiencing in increase in demand for vegan products, and this has made it easier than ever before to be a vegan.

  1. But don’t you miss eating meat?

– I can’t say I do. It wouldn’t make sense for me to miss something that was not benefiting my body, animals, or the planet. I have plenty of alternatives to meat that satisfy me. As a matter of fact the only regret I have when it comes to my decision to become vegan is that I didn’t start sooner!

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