Alkaline Water Health Benefits

Hey, Crew 

Are there days when you feel extra tired, kind of drained and heavy? Keeping your eyes open throughout the day is a chore. Perhaps your struggling with cravings that are making it challenging to keep up with a healthy diet no matter how strong willed you are. All of these symptoms can be a sign of your body being too acidic. Why is an acidic environment so bad, and what causes it? Acid has the ability to burn through some of the toughest materials metal being one of them.  I’m certain that you can grasp why having a body that is too acidic wouldn’t in any way be beneficial to you. With time if not taken care of the acid begins to take a toll on your digestive system, your joints, cardiovascular system, and muscles, which in turn leads to you feeling sluggish and drained no matter how much rest you get at night.

The leading causes of an acidic body is the food we consume on a daily basis. More than half of America’s population is eating a diet derived of fruits and vegetables that provide our bodies with proper nourishment. The standard American diet is instead providing us with damaging acids on a daily basis. Some of these foods include sugar, gluten, coffee, soda, carbonated water, dairy, meat, artificial sweeteners, and on the list goes. The sad cycle is that people wake up feeling drained, and instead of getting to the root of the problem they are continually adding to the cause by consuming more coffee, sugar, energy drinks, etc to gain more energy to get through the day; and than they struggle to go to bed on time! It’s a vicious cycle!

How can you fix this concern? Push the reset button!

I’ve recently developed an interest in the benefits of having an alkaline body vs an acidic body, and have done some research to learn about how I can personally reboost my body and gain the vitality needed to get through a day without consuming anything that could potentially further damage my body. It might be a struggle at first, I know it was for me, but what matters most is taking a small step in the right direction today to be able to fully enjoy life tomorrow.

I put together an easy to digest and implement list of different things that you can start today. If you can develop a routine and manage it on a daily basis you will begin to reap the benefits and notice an improvement.

  1. Stay Hydrated: This one one seems basic, which is why I listed it first, yet so many people that I know personally struggle with drinking their daily amount of water to stay hydrated. Begin your day with 8 ounces of water with either raw apple cider vinegar, or squeeze half of an organic lemon into your water. You can also make fruit infused water, and add lemon to it. Below I’ve add links to the water bottles I use to make alkaline water. I drink Alkaline water throughout the day for its many benefits, which is not necessarily found in regular tap water. Some of the benefits are:

-Weight loss


-Healthy Gut

-Cholesterol Reduction

-Boost energy level

-Liver Health

Alkaline water product links:

The Alkaline water Pitcher <<GET YOURS HERE>>

I personally love this water pitcher. It has been the easiest method for me to make sure I get my daily alkalized water :)!

Alkaline Water Drops: <<GET YOURS HERE>>

Add a few drops to your water, and change your waters PH balance.

Alkaline Spring Water: <<GET YOURS HERE>>

If you don’t feel like doing the work the short cut would be to purchase bottled water.

Alkaline Water Bottle: <<GET YOURS HERE>>

I love the option of having a portable water bottle!

2. Breath: Do deep breathing exercises throughout the day. This helps remove carbon dioxide from your body, which is the most acidic acid in your body.

3. Cut down on acidic foods and drinks: This includes caffeine, soda, meat, dairy, alcohol, processed foods, sugars, etc.

4. Drink green juices or smoothies: These drinks are one of the fastest and easiest ways to make sure you’re getting a good amount of healthy super foods into your body.

 Check out this “10-day Green smoothie cleanse” for some ideas <<GET IT HERE>>

5. Exercise everyday for at least 20-40 minutes: When we exerciser our body naturally detoxes by releasing toxins and acids from your body through sweat. If you don’t have time for a run try and go for a brisk walk around your neighborhood. Anything is better than nothing.

6. Consume more veggies and fruits: A diet high in fruits and vegetables is a diet high in antioxidants. They provide your body with the right PH balance, which in turn gives you a higher energy level, and will of course dramatically improve your health if you maintain this type of diet, and avoid processed, and  refined foods, which make your body acidic.

Fun Fact: Eating a Vegan diet is one of the best ways to maintain an alkaline body.  Common knowledge is that any diet high in veggie and fruit consumption, and low in meat and diary consumption is extremely beneficial for your health.

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