Top 20 best Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants

Hey, crew!

It’s another great day to be eating consciously! I’m certain you’re fully aware that food isn’t just another means of taste bud satisfaction. It’s the very source of life sustaining fuel, that’s if you’re eating the right foods. It’s your health that we care about, and here at Healthy Millennials we want you to celebrate your 99 birthday jumping out of an airplane while simultaneously eating some raw kale, rather than laying in a home-care bed possibly hooked up to feeding tubes.  We often don’t take into consideration the fact that every bite we take, chew, and swallow can impact our future, yet it does. In this blog I’ve come up with a list of healthy restaurant options that I encourage you to try because I don’t want you living off of deep fried, nutrition deprived foods. Forget Fast food chains. They’re what I would consider bland, and I know you’re anything but that.

Yes, these restaurants are mostly vegan and vegetarian, and that’s just because they tend to offer more healthy choices compared to other restaurants! (I promise with my fingers crossed that it has nothing to do with me being a vegan). If you’re local to Sacramento feel free to add any restaurants that I’ve missed to the list in the comments. I’m always up for trying out a new spot that can possibly become a favorite!

Hope you find these useful!

  1. Anna’s Vegan Cafe: http://www.annavegancafe.com/ (4.7 rating)
  2. Mother Restaurant -Vegetarian:  https://www.mothersacramento.com/ (4.4 rating)
  3. Veg Cafe: http://www.vegmidtown.com/ (4.8 rating)
  4. Andy Nguyen’s Vegetarian Restaurant: http://andynguyenvegetarian.com (4.4 rating)
  5. VEG Cafe & Bar: http://www.vegmidtown.com/ (4.8 rating)
  6. Sunflower Natural Food Restaurant: 10344 Fair Oaks Blvd Fair Oaks, CA 95628 (drive-in, 4.6 rating)
  7. Pushkin’s Bakery: pushkinsbakery.com ( Favorite spot for vegan desserts! 4.7 rating)
  8. Thai Spoon (Vegetarian options): http://thaispoonnatomas.com (4.3 rating)
  9. Noble Vegetarian: noblevegan.com (4.7 rating)
  10. Pushkin’s Restaurant: http://pushkinskitchen.com/ (4.4 rating)
  11. Vibe Health Bar: http://liquidologybar.com/ (4.5 rating)
  12. Queen Sheba Ethiopian Cuisine-Vegetarian: http://www.queenshebas.com/ (4.6 rating)
  13. Pita Kitchen Plus-vegan options: www.pitakitchenplus.com (4.4 rating)
  14. Pieces Pizza by the Slice: https://m.facebook.com/Pieces-Pizza-by-the-Slice-120288124654223/ (4.6 rating)
  15. Nectar Cafe: https://www.nectar-cafe.com/ (4.5 rating)
  16. Zest Kitchen: http://www.zestvegankitchen.com/ (4.5 rating)
  17. Nourish Health Bar and Cafe: https://lifefoodsinc.com/ (4.6 rating)
  18. The Green Boheme: https://thegreenboheme.com/ (4.3 rating)
  19. East SMF: http://eastsmf.com/ (4.8 rating)
  20. Pho Vegan Asian Cuisine: https://www.facebook.com/phoVEGANRocklin (4.8 rating)

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