How to never skip Exercise

The Power of Habit

Why is it difficult to implement and maintain the habits that would make us feel happy, healthy, and successful? The simple answer would be that we’re psychologically addicted to our old habits, and any type of alteration to those habits feels painful. It takes an average of 66 days to adopt a new routine, which means that deciding to make a change may take longer than a day. The key to adopting healthy daily routines is to rely on the ease of automatic habits and our existing routines. An example that you might be able to relate to is picking up you phone first thing in the morning to check your latest notifications. You don’t even have to think about doing it, since it’s an automatic habit. In other words, revolve whatever new habit you want to develop around your natural rhythms, rather than against them. It’ll be easier to establish, and you’ll notice success at a much faster rate with a lower failure percentage.

To work with your daily routine it may help to establish routines that serve as a reminder. For example dress into your work out clothes before breakfast. This will stop you from making excuses that’ll keep you from exercising that day.

Make Exercise a daily Habit

  1. Find a cue that’ll trigger a reminderwhat is something you already do every morning? Perhaps you can schedule a daily reminder on your calendar that’ll pop up right before your alarm clock goes off. If you drink a cup of tea or coffee you can use that daily routine as a cue. Whatever it is you do on a daily basis use that as a drive for getting your body moving. If you can do this for 8 weeks you’ll be well on your way to a life of better health.
  2. Find a partner: another tip is to find an accountability partner. This is often one of the best ways to stay on track. I’ve had times when I’ve felt like bailing on my accountability  partners, yet I didn’t have the nerve to call them up and cancel. Set a scheduled time, and know that bailing is rude and never an option.
  3. Find a way to make it fun: when we have something planned that we’re looking forward to making excuses for why we can’t make it is never an issue, so if you find that you’re struggling with getting out the door change your mindset. Think about it as an opportunity to unwind, relax, and possibly catch up with a friend if I’m meeting up with an accountability partner. Play some music, skip, have a good time while you’re doing it.


Hope these tips help. If you have any tips that you’ve found useful share them in the comments.

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